1. Nirmal Baba was born in Samana, Mandi in the year 1952. His father was a Sikh and his grandfather was a Hindu. Babaji's grandfather was childless, they took an oath that they would convert their children to Sikhs, after which they were blessed with four sons (who were made Sikhs). His grandfather's name was Lala Thakur Das, he was a renowned zamindar from a well-to-do family.

2. Babaji's famly migrated to India from Pakistan after partition.

3. S.S. Narula, Nirmal Baba's father expired when babaji was just six months old. He was brought up by his mother with a lot of love and affection.

4. After coming from Pakistan the family was given a lot of land and orchards in Samana and Delhi, as claim.

5. Nirmal Baba's schooling was from Samana , Delhi and Ludhiana respectively. He went on to do his graduation from Government college of Ludhiana. After graduation, he joined M.A. in English, but couldn't pursue, as he got typhoid after two months of joining. He then set out to try his hand at business.

6. After he decided to do business at the age of 22 years, he got a sum of Rs. 90,000 from his mother . He went to Daltonganj, to do brick kiln business in the year 1974. In the year 1976, he got married to Sushma Narula, daughter of Dalip Singh Bagga, who was also a resident of Daltonganj.

7. During Emergency, His brother-in-law (a politician and relative) was arrested under MISA. He then requested Nirmal Baba to take care of his shop 'Namdhari Cloth House' in Gadwa, on a temporary basis, till he was out of jail. After his brother-in-law was released from jail, Babaji returned his shop and went to Ranchi to do a new business. There, he did Limestone and Coal business and attained huge succes. He bought a bungalow of his own money at a very young age. But fate had something else in store for him. He met with a very serious accident. On his way to Ludhiana, the jeep in which Babaji was travelling overturned after colliding with a tree. Babaji suffered from multiple fractures in his leg and was hospitalised in CMC hosptal in Ludhiana. He was on bed for next one and a half year. His business that he had set up in Ranchi came to a standstill, since there was no one to look after it. He alongwith his wife, then decided to move base to Delhi with their two kids in 1983 to start afresh.

8. Life wasn't easy, and once again the struggle period started. Soon, a good opportunity came knocking at his door. He left for Bahragoda to do Kinite business, while his wife and kids stayed back in Delhi. During that period there was a lot of change in him, which was first felt by his wife. He told a few things to his close family and friends and when they benefited, word started spreading about his blessing. Many people started visiting Babaji for their problems and his simple solutions would help them immensely. The number of people visting him increased manifold, after which he could not cater to people on a one on one basis. Therefore, he started holding Samagams and giving his programmes on air, to reach out to as many people as he could. His aim was that more and more number of people should benefit from his simple solutions. By this time his devotees started addressing Nirmaljit Singh Narula as Nirmal Baba, and this is how his spiritual journey began, fifteen years ago. He started coming on Television Channels in the year 2006.

9. After coming on various channels his popularity skyrocketed within a very short span of time. Some vested interests then started a campaign to malign him by planting people at various places in remote areas, to file false cases and entangle him legal cases.